IF you are a BEGINNER...And want to learn the way we trade... I have made a Stock Market Course for YOU...!!!

It’s a very BASIC COURSE…!!!

LESS Financial calculations are added so a layman can understand the Stock market.

And it’s very practical too.


EVERYTHING has been ADDED What a Beginner should know to get started with Stock Market. 

Here are some people who have Emailed me after having the course and learning from it... If you want you can contact them directly too...!!!

And ... AFTER THE COURSE ... You will be ABLE to...

Understand the basics of Stock Market

You will be able to PICK Stocks

Can decide when to BUY and SELL (Entry and Exit Points)

Can read through Company’s financial documents IF YOU HAVE NEVER DONE that

Can decide if the stock is overvalued or undervalued


Can forecast the FUTURE PRICE of the a Stock 

Warning: The course is for the people who honestly want to learn. I take GUARANTEE for the course materials I said above... I don't take responsibility for your buying & selling decisions.

Will I CLEAR Doubts?

Yes! For the first 3 months. 

My emails will be answered by my VA who is a professional trader.

I will personally check all the mails ONCE in a day for Quality and difficult questions or objections.

If you don’t have an account, don’t worry. 

My partner company will help you to have an account ONLINE. You will need ADHAR and PAN card for that.  And will deduct that fee in this course fee before you pay.